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Get the best of the 2 most popular mattress technologies: Dormeo Air Select Plus is a state of the art hybrid mattress that combines Octaspring foam springs and traditional pocket springs. This remarkable mattress presents 20 years of sleep science with advanced foam technology and spring tradition – an innovation you just have to experience.


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Get the best of the 2 most popular mattress technologies: Dormeo Air Select Plus is a state of the art hybrid mattress that combines Octaspring foam springs and traditional pocket springs. This remarkable mattress presents 20 years of sleep science with advanced foam technology and spring tradition – an innovation you just have to experience.

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Foam Spring Mattress With Pocket Springs - Have The Best Out Of Both Worlds

Have you ever wondered which technology is the best for your sleep - foam mattress or spring mattress? With latest Dormeo mattress that is no longer a question.

Introducing Dormeo Air Select Plus, the next generation in sleep technology! Made of the award winning Octaspring® honeycomb shaped foam spring combined with traditional pocket spring, this mattress is a state of the art technology with tradition people loved for decades.

Everything a Mattresses Can Offer Now In One Single Mattress

Dormeo Air Select Plus mattress is a hybrid: a high-end foam mattress with addition of metal springs. This combination of springs assures the best possible support you need and combines comfort with healthy alignment of your body.

An innovative air ventilation system included in the mattress prevents the onset of excess heat or humidity. This lays the foundation for an excellent night’s sleep, providing you with the essentials to help you wake up feeling rejuvenated and well-rested.

Made of award winning Octaspring® technology, supportive pocket springs, memory foam quilted into cover, 3 zones for perfect body support and reversible core, this mattress is crème de la crème of Dormeo mattresses. For optimal sleeping for couples, it has a dual core for French sizes so each spouse can choose its own firmness.

Soft and Flexible Sleeping Surface Moves in 3 Dimensions for Ultimate Support and Relaxation

The heart of the mattress as a layer of soft and flexible foam springs that always returns to its original shape, no matter how much pressure is applied. The Air Select Plus mattress features 3D adaptability – it moves three-dimensionally, cradling your body for ultimate support and relaxation.

No matter what position you’re lying in – side, back or stomach – each spring will dynamically conform to the contours and movements of your body without creating pressure in any given area.

Relieves Pressures to Your Body with 3 Customized Zones

Instead of pushing up and resisting your body’s force, the Dormeo Air Select Plus mattress accepts your body weight, and cradles you in total comfort. It has 3 different custom comfort zones with varying degrees of firmness for total body comfort.

  • 2 outer softer zones for your head and shoulders and legs
  • Firm springs inside that give you stronger support for your hips and lower back keeping the spine in perfect alignment.

Air Select Plus mattress with its ergonomic design and features ensures the desired comfort adapting to the body and avoiding harmful pressure on muscles and skin.

Soft or Firm according To One’s Needs

Modern mattresses don’t leave you with tough decisions any more – either to choose soft or firm mattress. Dormeo Air Select Plus has a

  • firm side, with firm Ecocell foam on the top
  • soft side, with memory foam on the top

So if you feel like sleeping on a softer bed one day just turn the mattress around and you can enjoy layer of memory foam - or other way around.

Double Core for Couples – no more adjusting

When sleeping in couples, people find hard to find a perfect mattress especially if one desires a firmer and other a softer mattress. With Dormeo Air Select that’s not an issue anymore. This mattresshas single and double core (2 separate cores in double sized mattresses from 160cm and up) both reversible. You can turn it around according to your sleeping preferences: pink side ishard and blue side is soft.

No Transfer of Movement

When you share a bed it’s very common that your partners’ or spouses movement is interrupting your sleep. With supreme core of Air Select Plus you will have your own core so you will sleep tight and sound, without being waken up.

Even if you share a mattress with 1 core - mattress doesn't transfer motion from one side of the bed to another as springs can move independently along with your body.

Now Higher And With Reinforced Edges

With additional layer of springs, the total height of the mattress is 23 cm. This makes your bed higher so you can sit down and get up much easier. And this kind of bed height is perfect for elderly.

Superior Breathability Prevents Bacteria and Dust Mites for Hypoallergenic Environment

You may not realize how much we perspire when we sleep. The average amount we perspire at night is a liter, so that’s seven litres in a week. Dry, safe sleeping environment is just as important as a proper spine support. This is why Air Select Plus has an efficient air ventilation system in the core and 3D Airmesh fabric on cover to keep your mattress airy and dry, preventing the onset of sweat, heat and humidity and ensuring that your sleeping environment remains optimally hygienic.

The natural honeycomb design allows air to pass through freely, so the body heat and moisture are wicked away, keeping your bed cool, dry and comfortable.

New: Adaptive Treatment for Thermoregulation Effect

Besides being extremely ventilated, this mattress is enriched with so called Adaptive Treatment – a treatment that helps you sleep in ideal temperature conditions. The treatment enables natural thermoregulation and cools you down if you are starting to sweat during sleep.

The Best What a Mattress Can Offer

With everything that this mattress features you can enjoy healthier, better quality sleep while also prolonging the life of your mattress.

Now you can get the sleep of your dreams on an ultra-comfortable, ultra-cool mattress with customized support to give you a restful, healthy night sleep. And a well-rested body means you’ll feel and look better than ever before. You’ll be less stressed, happier and ready to take on the challenges of a new day.

Main benefits:

  • Firm but permanently elastic Ecocell® provides optimal support for your spine, head, neck and limbs
  • Latest technology combines foam with pocket spring tradition for an effective mattress that fully supports your entire body
  • Extra layer of contains extremely elastic and self-adjustable memory foam on a softer side takes care for more comfort and well-being
  • The core allows for uniform body weight distribution so that you don't feel pressure against any given area
  • Mattress core and cover designed for continuous air flow so that the mattress remains airy and dry even after long-term use
  • Air circulation along with AirX mesh and adaptive treatment can prevent sweating, humidity and excess heat
  • CleanEffect® impregnation effectively resists bacteria and dust mites
  • 23 cm height and reinforced edges for easier
  • Reversible core with softer and firmer side
  • 2 separate cores for dimensions 160 cm and more
  • Removable and machine washable mattress cover

Advancely Built Core for Ultimate Sleeping Experience

Dormeo Air Select Plus mattress is built from various materials to give you everything you’d expect from the best mattress. Check its cross-section:

1. Layer of Memory Foam Quilted Into the Cover – 2 cm

Layer of memory foam makes sure your first contact with the mattress is soft and pleasant. Soft, thermo sensitive foam memorizes the shape of your body, adjusts perfectly to your contours and gives you the feeling of weightlessness

2. Layer of Firm Ecocell Foam – 2 cm

Firm yet comfortable Ecocell foam makes sure your body lays on a reliable support. Ecocell is highly elastic foam that`s specially engineered to provide firm support and excellent sleeping comfort. Its 3-dimensional cellular structure enables efficient air circulation, thereby preventing sweating and excess heat. And because Ecocell® is permanently elastic, it bounces back to retain original shape even after prolonged use. Elastic Ecocell® provides your body with excellent support and ensures correct positioning for your spine

3. Octaspring Foam Springs - 5 cm

Dormeo Air Comfort Plus is designed with 150 honey comb foam springs or more (depends on the dimension). Springs of various levels of firmness and 5 cm high are fitted at different sections of the mattress in order to match the needs of different sections of your body. Dormeo Air Select Plus mattress has 2 types of springs places inside that differ in firmness: soft and firm.

  • Firm grey springs are in the middle comfort zone and offer firmer support to your pelvic area.
  • 2 outer zones are composed of softer medium firmwhite springs which offer softer support in shoulder, lumbar and leg area.

Because springs placed near the centre are firmer than those on the outer side of the mattress, your body receives optimal support right where it needs it – firmer support for your pelvis and lower spine and softer support for your shoulder, lumber and leg area. The spring/Ecocell combination:

  • Provides your body with customized support along its entire section and individual parts
  • Effectively manages the force of your weight
  • Conforms to and cradles your body
  • Enables efficient air circulation to prevent heat and sweating
  • Prevents the transfer of motion from one side of the bed to another

4. Layer of Firm Ecocell Foam - 2 cm

Another layer of Ecocell to make a barrier between foam springs and pocket springs.

5. Layer of Pocket Springs - 10 cm

Traditional pocket springs (metal springs wrapped in textile) that have been known for decades offer reliable support, minimizing of partner disturbance, contouring to your unique body shape, while also providing your spine with sufficient support.

6. Layer of Ecocell Foam - 2 cm

Layer of foam protects pocket springs and makes sure your body gets enough support if you decide to sleep on firmer, bottom side of the mattress.

7. Cover with Air Mesh

Removable, washable cover with Air Mesh enables air circulation and prevents building of humidity inside the mattress.

The result provides your body with comfortable, customized support no matter what pressure of weight is applied to the mattress or how often you toss and turn at night.

Easy Care, Fully Washable Mattress Cover

To best prolong the life of your mattress, fabric cover is removable and machine washable at 40°C. We recommend washing separately in a washing machine with a 5k g or larger drum capacity.

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Dormeo līnija Harmony
Dormeo programma gulēšana
Materiāls Ecocell®, Memory putas, Octaspring/putu atsperes
Stingrība Regulējams, Vidējs, Vidēji ciets
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